Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace

History: After restoration, the fort, which was built in 1464 under Chauhan Rulers and had been a ruin for 40 years, open to guests. If you are planning a one-night trip near the Delhi region, Neemrana Fort Palace can be one of the good options. There are several hotels in Neemrana, but one of the most famous is The Neemrana Fort Palace.

Who is owner of Neemrana Fort Palace?

Mr Aman Nath : Founder & Chairman In 1986, Aman Nath acquired Neemrana Fort-Palace and began its restoration. The hotel opened in 1991.

Why Neemrana Fort is famous?

Built in the 15th century, the Neemrana Fort now functions as India's oldest heritage resorts. The Fort is famous for being one of the oldest and best-preserved heritage sites in all of the country.

How far is Neemrana from Delhi?

Distance between Delhi to Neemrana by Road is 116 km

Entry fees and accommodation

Neemrana is one of the most sought-after weekend gateways from Delhi. Entry Fees is 1900 rupees with a lunch buffet included. There are so many hotels according to your budget.